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The Top Bike Tour starts from Cathedral Square and ciclying Via del Duomo and the main street in Orvieto reachs the medioeval Albornoz' s Fortress Beautiful view and a short history of the City just for starting the tour.  

We ride the bike path from S. Patrick Well along the North-East side of the cliff admiring the wonderful landscape on to Paglia Valley and getting back to the center of Orvieto visiting "Piazza del Popolo" with the magnificent "Palazzo del Capitano". Then we get the cliff' s ring and through "food door" we we ride the street reaching the ancient "Etruscan Necropolis"; after we stop at "Church in the rock of Crucifix in Tufa" and passing below "Roman Door" we arrive to Piazza San Giovanni: the view on the valley and to the hills around is really beautiful.

We head towards the "medioeval quarter", the noldest area in Orvieto, where San Giovenale Cathedral stands from XI century. Then we go bach to "Republic Square" for visiting the ancient Romanesque Church dedicated to S. Andrea, where an incredible underground is: 3.000 years of history overlap and interwine.

Ciclyng narrow street in the very center of the City we get again Piazza del Duomo, that will appear suddenly, just after a corner, showing all its awfulness and magnificence.

Starting from here, we visit the " Underground City" following the professional specialized guides, where discovering Etruscan and Medioeval caves we better understand the incredible history of Orvieto.

At the end we will go inside a private  Etruscan Cave, carved 7 centuries b.c., now a wine cellar, where great wines are preserved for aging, and here we will have an excellent  wine and food tasting of local products, paired with wines and extravergin olive oil from the territory, Orvieto Classico DOC, Rosso Orvietano, Holy Wine...

Pls. pay attention to UTILITY section

Km.: 15
Altitude difference: 160 m.
Time: from 4 h.
Bike suggested: anyone 
Difficulty level: low 

Friends on the way:

Cantina Foresi, Piazza del Duomo, Orvieto

Hotel Virgilio, Piazza del Duomo, Orvieto

Home in Orvieto


Palazzo Piccolomini


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