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The Monte Peglia Bike Tour winds through the hills to the east of Orvieto. From Orvieto Scalo, we take the road that climbs up to over 800 meters above sea level, discovering new landscapes and beauties at every turn.

From the valley floor we climb to the Sette Frati park, the heart of Monte Peglia, recognized by UNESCO as a MAB Reserve for the balance, integrity and conservation of natural values where the biodiversity of flora and fauna makes it particularly interesting.

Going along the crest of Monte Paglia with the e-bike, one can admire the Tiber valley in the direction of Perugia, and the territory of Orvieto with the "Rupe" in the background. Inside the park there are numerous tables and benches, as well as stone structures for picnics, as well as the barbecue with free wood available for cooking on the grill. It is possible here to stop enjoying the beauty of this well-equipped area, exploring it by bike on unpaved but well maintained paths, and then usable with any type of bicycle, even better if assisted pedaling.

Grassy meadows and wooded areas alternate, old stone farmhouses and a refreshment point in the heart of the park, allow you to spend moments of relax in the silence of nature; moving in different directions views and landscapes change.

The interesting volcanological museum of San Venanzo can also be visited, but it has a couple of hours more.

For the return you can choose an alternative route, going down on asphalted roads and not at all busy, or paths reserved for more experienced cyclists appropriately equipped with mountain bikes. The bike tour can be done in 4 hours easily with short stops, but in our opinion the park deserves an extended stop, possibly even with a picnic lunch, after having provided the excellent local cheeses and typical local salami.

You can also do the whole day, getting lost with the bikes among the thousand paths on the slopes of the mountain.

Pls. pay attention to UTILITY section

Km.: from 35 to 40
Altitude difference: 650 m.
Time: from 3 to 5 h.
Bike suggested: anyone for standard route, MTB for offroad return road
Difficulty level: low for standard route, medium-high for offroad

Friends on the way:

Ristorante da Gregorio a Morrano Nuovo

Resort Borgo San Faustino, Loc. San Faustino

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