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Our tour is quite difficult but very comfortable with e-bikes, starting from Orvieto towards Rocca Ripesena, also called the Country of Roses or Little Orvieto. 

Our experience goes through cycle paths, riding across local wineyards and beautiful olive garden, natural sources, breathing pure and calm air.
Three thousand years of human history to travel by bicycle, meeting the ancient Etruscan wells.

Today the Rocca has another name that recalls harmony and beauty: the Land of Roses, which also evokes the evocative beauty of the landscapes that can be easily traveled with our top bikes.

Then we continue our tour towards Castel Viscardo. The village has origins in the thirteenth century, with the construction of the "Madonna Castle". Interesting the mysterious and suggestive legend of the "white lady", a noblewoman who still wanders through its rooms on full moon nights. 

The tour move on to Castello di Torre Alfina an imposing and beautiful building, with extraordinay towers coverd by dark stone.

Castello di Torre Alfina is one of the most beautiful and fascinating historic houses on the Umbria-Tuscany-Lazio territory:  we' ll go inside for visiting the gardens,  halls and  rooms where the ancient noble family "Monaldeschi della Cervara" lived for centuries. At the bottom of the Castel is Torre Alfina village, which has been elected one of the   most beautiful hamlet of Italy in 2007, with its narrow streets and stone houses.

The Alfinia tableland is a typical triconfinal point between Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio to be explored and photographed while admiring panoramas of vineyards and olive groves, beautiful landscapes typically Umbrian-Lazio. This particular location at the border of three region offers an incredible variety of courses unique in its kind.

Here you maytaste the same raw materials, such as wild boar, hare, or homemade pasta with different methods and cooking, due precisely to different culinary traditions within a few kilometers.

Even the wines, from Trebbiano to Grechetto, from Sangiovese to Montepulciano, have different characteristics depending on the hill where the vines grow.

The Bosco of Sasseto, which surrounds the village of Torre Alfina, is also beautiful. It is a mixed forest of ancient trees, called by the National Geographic "Bosco delle Fiabe" or "Bosco di Biancaneve", and offers an unforgettable experience.

On the way back we will have en extraordinary food and wine tasting, in an excellent wine farm, where we may appreciate genuine  products of this land,  tastes and scents of a beautiful territory.

Pls. pay attention to UTILITY section

Altitude difference: 543 m.
Time: 6 h.
Bike suggested: all
Difficulty level: low

Friend on the way:

Cantine Neri a Bardano

Azienda agricola con Locanda Palazzone a Rocca Ripesena

Misia Country Resort a Rocca Ripesena

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  • Resort - 29/08/2019

     I would very highly recommend Orvietobiketour. We had a spectacular experience! Paolo shared his wealth of knowledge about the area’s history, geography, the castle’s history — all in depth and with enthusiasm. The bikes were great and made the trip incredibly doable considering the terrain and distance we traveled. We did the Torre Alfino Castle (with other landmarks) and made stops along the way to take photos and have a bite to eat. Paolo made sure we were safe and having a good time. We just loved his way of sharing his vast knowledge! So enjoyable!... TripAdvisor all Reviews

  • Irishiiis - 22/07/2019

     We enjoyed two outstanding tours with Paolo, and neither happened on bikes, due to the VERY hot weather during our visit. Without trouble (to us...), Paolo changed the transportation to air-conditioned vans. He is knowledgeable about the history of the region, enjoys sharing his food and wine expertise, and brought us to areas we might have missed otherwise. With our 7 & 10 y-o grandsons, we toured Civita di Bagnoregio, explored a lived-in castle exterior and enjoyed an excellent lunch, enhanced by the amazing view of Orvieto and the Duomo, and some delicious wine. With friends, we toured Torre Alfina and enjoyed a gorgeous hike through Bosco del Sasseto, which should NOT be missed. A highlight of five weeks in Orvieto. Then, we enjoyed a terrific wine tasting at Cantina Neri, including generous plates of bread, cheese, and meats. The dessert wines are particularly worth bringing home, in my humble opinion. Paolo offers a variety of tours through his Orvieto Bike Tours, and he is such a friendly person, we recommend him entirely!... TripAdvisor all Reviews

  • Josiane - 11/07/2019

     Excellent mix of biking, physical activity and cultieal immersion. Highly recommended, even for those who are not fit, the e-bikes save the day !... AirBnB all Reviews

  • Terry - 28/06/2019

     This was an awesome bike riding experience! We loved every second of it and Paolo was fantastic!... AirBnB all Reviews

  • Dennis - 25/06/2019

     Paulo and Luigi led us on a great ride through the hills and country roads north of Orvieto. They went out of their way to make our group of 5 enjoyed this excellent experience. First time on an E Bike and 3 days later I we were on another in the hills above Florence. Great for all levels of riders and you learn to appreciate the battery!... TripAdvisor all Reviews

  • Ron - 23/06/2019

     It is a healthy, and extensive trip into the Umbrian countryside with added excursions and a winetasting snack included. We would gladly recommend it for travellers looking for a days outing into the rural Umbria, with exercise thrown in.... AirBnB all Reviews

  • LuiTera - 09/04/2019

     I vigneti ed i prati che contornano il percorso, spiegati con competenza, ti fanno già pregustare gli assaggi enogastronomici che più avanti faremo nostri. Intanto arriviamo all' imponente Castello dell' Alfina, maestoso, bellissimo, dove la guida ci conduce in una visita interessantissima. Poi al Bosco del Sasseto ci immergiamo in un' atmosfera di fiaba, un bosco incantato dove non scorre più il tempo. In conclusione la degustazione, solo quella vale il tour...... TripAdvisor all Reviews

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