Orvieto is a unique city, perched and rolled up like a cat on a high cliff, detached from the rest of the world, enchanting and fairytale. A city where every stone, every square breathes in history, a true open-air museum that offers visitors a breathtaking landscape.
The earliest archaeological evidence of the city of Orvieto dates back to the Etruscan period and identifies it in the city of Velzna, among the twelve Etruscan city-states. The ancient Romans gave it the name "Volsinii", the city stood near an important Etruscan sanctuary, where the inhabitants of Etruria joined to celebrate religious rites, parties and various ceremonies. 
The city reached its maximum expansion between the 6th and 4th centuries BC, becoming a splendid commercial and artistic center.

In the following centuries Orvieto became dominion of the Goths, it was then conquered by the Byzantines to become finally Longobard.   

Allied then of Florence, in the XIII and XIV centuries it reached the period of the real climax that, with a population of about thirty thousand inhabitants (more than Rome !) , saw in its urban territory important buildings and monuments. 
In 1450 it became part of the Papal States, becoming an alternative to Rome for many popes, bishops and cardinals who came to stay there.

Self Guided: Self- guided Bolsena lake

 The lake of Bolsena is the widest volcanic lake in Europe: the breakdown of a big volcanic range generated this lake, bathing all around and very appreciated for fishing.

Experiece starts along the lake from Bolsena to Montefiascone, as needed by the guests.Tour takes place all around the lake, meeting villages populated since the bronze age.
Montefiascone renowned for having been a residence for many Popes during the middle age, Marta and Capodimonte inhabited by  pre-etruscan people, Bolsena that was Orvieto' s lake harbour for centuries, is overhung by the impressive Monaldeschi' s castle.
From a village to the next beautiful landscapes, from different sides views change, outlook turns, so meadows, woods and reeds take turns giving all time new perspectives.
The route is supplied through many differents apps, showing  the most exciting places, containing historical  advices and about environement, for fully enjoying a great experience.

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